Where’s your hometown?

Englewood, OH- I’m a Thunderbolt. 

Dream vacation?

I want to go everywhere, but I would say an African safari is towards the top of the list, or to India to see the Taj Mahal. 

Guilty music pleasure?

I still love the Spice Girls, but I’m not ashamed. 

Favorite movie?

I have so many I can’t choose one: Star Wars, Blades of Glory, Forrest Gump, Across the Universe, The Goonies, Harry Potter, Bridesmaids, Steel Magnolias, anything Disney! 

Any pets?

Bella is my German Shepherd, and I also have a cat- lovingly named Kitty. 

Best piece of apparel you own?

I’m all about comfortable pieces so, any super-soft triblend tee, or comfort colors longsleeve. 

What is your favorite part of working at Deuce?

This staff really is one big family. We all have a good time together doing what we do everyday, and there’s nothing better than that. 

One interesting fact we don’t know?

I am an equestrian eventing champion, and a world-class cards against humanity player.