Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing



Deuce Shirts offers Direct to Garment printing. This printing method offers you the customer the ability to have awesome apparel with unlimited colors or restrictions. The process works like this… each individual shirt is loaded onto a pallet (shirt board) which then enters a gigantic ink jet printer. The process is just like printing paper. That is to say that the ink jet ink is printed into the material just like your home printer does paper. This is different than screen printing where in that process the ink is laid onto of the garment and then cured for bonding.

Our garment printer is a state of the art Brother model. One of the best in the industry. We can print on any color of shirt. We also can print white inks. This is something many companies that offer garment printing can’t do. Your only restriction is that you must use 100% cotton fabric to achieve the best results.


Garment printing is priced based on the exact garment you choose and most importantly the image to be printed. We have to factor the total ink usage into each design. Therefore, every job will be different because each job has different factors. To get a quote simply email us the design and let us know what type of shirt you have in mind. We can run it through our system and let you know pricing.


Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days. We do offer quicker timeframes as fast as 24hr turnaround to meet your needs. Please keep in mind that any delay, whether on proofing, order additions or changes, may result in a delay in production.


Garment printing is best suited for low volume runs, high variety of color designs, high detailed designs, or when an exact duplication of a digital image is desired. It is generally more of a cost effective solution when a client needs a relatively low volume run (1-20 pieces) with many colors.