Deuce Shirts offers in-house embroidery excellence and expertise.  We use the newest and most advanced machines in the industry on everything from apparel, hats, and bags, to blankets, and more! Our stitch services include embroidery, monogramming, tackle twill, puff embroidery, sublimated stitch, appliqués, and much more. Don’t pay the middle man mark up to send out your job. At Deuce we do it all in our shop!  

At Deuce Shirts digitizing is FREE for quantities of 48 and up!  Because we work with so many great local schools and sports teams there is no set up or digitizing fee for most logos. We are pleased to have your business and won’t nickel and dime you to death like others will. You deserve to wear the best at a fair price. With our embroidery that’s exactly what you’ll get!